Embark on a transformative journey and witness the power of stories in creating change.

Filmmaker | Educator | Web 3 Developer

Web 3.0 Startup Development

Blockchain technology and digital currencies have created a host of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. I'll take your ideas find the traction and teams they need to succeed.



Empowering creatives with the keys to unlock their filmmaking success. From Virtual Production to Digital Currencies I believe education is the way to bring your community to the next level.

Film Production

I specialize in creating engaging film productions, from story creation, scripting to shooting and post-production. If you have a vision I can help make it a reality.


My Clients

Garnet Campbell's film instructing expertise shines brightly, fostering remarkable growth among our students. We are grateful for the impact his guidance has had on their skills and creativity, making him an invaluable asset to our institution.
Paige Hansen
District Vice Principal of Academies and Choice Programs
Garnet Campbell's producing skills have had an incredible impact at Mills Pictures Studios, surpassing expectations and elevating our productions.
Jason Mills
Director, Mills Pictures
Garnet Campbell's spirit of innovation within Starwire.io web3 development is truly inspiring, sparking groundbreaking solutions and propelling us to new horizons.
Colin Wiebe
Founder/President at Matrix Blockchain Technology Corp
Garnet Campbell embodies wisdom and the power of showing up, consistently delivering exceptional results and invaluable insights to Vandas Media.
David Vandas
Video Producer